Nick Wilson – Judging Bio

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Nick has run CT&EM since 1993. Before that he worked for a UK Brewer for 16 years, operating trips abroad and running hospitality events and conferences in the UK, gaining invaluable experience in the meetings and Incentive travel industry, before starting CT&EM with Tony Bosel in September 1993.

Having held an ATOL Licence for as long as he has been running trips with CT&EM is a point of some pride for him and over the years he has operated programmes all over the world, including Incentives, meetings, conferences and study tours in a variety of industries and a variety of countries.

His expertise he feels is in customer relations, operations and proposal production along with a secret love of setting selling and operating budgets for the year and trying then to surpass the former and keep below the latter.

Nick has a passion for Fine Wine, Real Ale, Folk Music and Morris Dancing (honest), combining both aerobic exercise and quaffing (the cure for and reason of most of life’s ills).

Having steered their way through the recent recession, CT&EM remains a busy company operating some 40 – 50 programmes per annum.